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We're alive and Open for Business!
We believe that making new connections should be energizing and fun. Join our first public Swedish network Open for Business today 💃
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We can only imagine the opportunities that will emerge when thousands of new meaningful connections are created.

Ett enklare sätt att bredda ditt kontaktnät

Få mötesinbjudningar på rullande band, skapa kontakter från olika cirklar, du behöver bara logga in för att läggas till i vår mötespool.
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🤩 So what's Meetball?

Meetball is a new video meeting arena where you meet people in any kind of context (initially business focused). Join and grow your network by exchanging knowledge, experiences and perhaps even your best contacts to create new and valuable connections.

🤔 Why should I use it?

Are you also tired of scrolling? Meet people you’d otherwise never meet in a completely new environment. People outside your network, a.k.a comfort zone, can help in achieving both personal and professional goals in ways you never thought of. What everyone can agree on is that even the most unexpected meeting can lead to something unexpectedly great!

☝️ How does it work?

It couldn't be easier.

  1. 🆗 Let us know which times you are available
  2. 🆒 We'll find and introduce you to new people through video
  3. ⏩ Want to keep in touch? Share your Meetball card

🌎 Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are meant to be answered, and that’s why we decided to share the most frequently asked with you. Here they are!

😱 What is a facilitated video meeting?

We're glad you asked! We created a digital host to avoid getting stuck in never-ending loops of video meeting pitfalls and to give both participants an equal amount of time to talk. This host follows a structured and timed agenda to benefit the meeting and talks to the participants by displaying large blue messages on their screens.

🤓 Can I try out Meetball today?

Yes, you can! Ping us here.

💥 Can I start my own network in Meetball?

Soon! At the moment we are creating the networks ourselves, but shortly you'll be able to create and administrate your own network for other users to join. (Hint: This will be amazing!)

🤝 Who can I expect to meet with?

Initially Meetball will only have one giant (business) network, which all of our (business minded) members can join to exchange ideas, both big and small. Our ambition is to always create valuable (business) meetings that are also both fun and energizing.

🎥 Can I have a meeting without a camera?

Not right now. Google says that 55% of our communication is done through our body language, so that’s what we’re emphasising. (In the future it will be possible to join voice-call-only meetings!)

🚀 When will you be launching?

We’ve already launched within a closed beta network, and will be launching publicly very soon. If you're interested in applying to our business network, check this out!

☠️ My camera isn’t starting?

There are several reasons why that might happen. Some of the most common reasons are:
- Another program is using the camera (e.g. Teams, Zoom)
- The browser doesn't have camera permissions

 🤷 What's a Meetball card?

It's like a business card including your LinkedIn profile and email.

🙈 Are the meetings recorded?

No! Since we highly value privacy we use peer-to-peer encrypted video calls, meaning that the call stays between the two of you.

📩 Is it possible to change which email the meeting invites are sent to?

We get this question a lot, and therefore we have prioritized to release this feature in the very near future.

☎️ Can I attend meetings with my phone?

Shortly! For now please use your laptop when joining a meeting. However, you can book meetings using your mobile browser.

💻 Which browsers do you support?

Meetball works great in most versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

😜 Which languages do you support?

Swedish and English, but we will be supporting more languages as we grow. (Planning to have Marsian by 2025.)

Are you open for business?

We believe that making new connections should be energizing and fun. Join our first public Swedish network Open for Business today 💃
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